… 1st Article …

Jud, perhaps something along the line of why you started this web site in the first place.  You don’t have to post/publish any articles if you don’t want to do so.  You can simply create the basic site using pages and edit/expand them as you have time.  Your Home page is where your most recent article will appear.  As you add more articles the home page will have a brief introduction and a link to your articles with the most recent listed first.  Should you not want to post any articles you can set your home page to be a static page … but with all of your material and knowledge I can’t imagine that you will not want to post an article now and then.

You can use a different “Featured Image” at the top of each page if you want to … or just simply stick with the 3 cross image.  I have put a different “featured image” on the “Some Basic Truths …” page just to illustrate this option.